Pig Food Salad

And Just How Do Snoopy's Daddy, Motherhood, a Preacher, Sex, and  factory work all manage to come together in one book?

Then why are so many people in your town so nervous when they read,

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”

Because, you knew the men who were murdered and the pretty young blond waiting to testify.

You are right. This is the biggest scandal this town has ever seen.

And there they are the rest of her cohorts! Tina, Nancy and Charlotte. 

Oh it had been years since this town saw that little group of wild women all together again.

They used to think everything was a joke. 

his trial will teach all four of them a lesson. Things here will never be the way they were before the shooting. I am not so sure that's a bad thing.



ISBN: 1587470764 

184 Pages


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The Disclaimer states, "This book is a work of fiction. Any similarities between actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and absolutely unintended."









Very interesting, March 16, 2004 Reviewer: A reader in Louisiana
This book is very funny and once I started reading it I had a hard time putting it down just because I wanted to know what was going to happen left. For a fiction it is very funny and you have to wonder just how much of it is really true.

Sex, Violence, and Revenge, January 28, 2003 Reviewer: D.C. Jackson in Texas
Fate overcomes all. Maggie is a very strong woman, who put up with alot, and finally gained her freedom from an abusive relationship, through a twist of fate!!! Excellent reading for all women. A.J. Farthing writes with such a depth, it makes you wonder how much of the book is based on true life. I cant wait to read her next book.

Farthing's characters are the real thing, not politically correct by any means. They show the savage reality of life. A. D. Rood, N.Y. December 20, 2002

Laughs, love, violence and sex. Farthings sizzling honesty makes the novel an exciting read from the beginning to end.
D. Hondroff, PA, January 5, 2003

A fast paced story line that compels the reader to love or hate the characters. 
B. Hale, MT January 17, 2003

  I bought "Pig Food Salad" & "The Legend of Percy Fink, Volume 1". 
I couldn't put "Pig Food Salad" down until I finished it. The characters were so real. Maggies life spoke to me, telling me alot about many women who had to endure abuse and why they endured it.  "Percy Fink" was easy reading, a bit silly, a bit rough but cute tool Can't wait for Volume 2." Reader from Southeastern, PA 1/25/03


Dear Filmmaker:

            Pig Food Salad tells the riveting and often heartbreaking story of Maggie and her family who scrape by as best they can in the hills of upstate New York.                          

             While she is constantly surprised and delighted by her six helpful and bright children, Maggie finds that her life with her abusive, alcoholic husband, John, is degenerating into a kind of 24-hour nightmare.  When  her best friend disappears after assaulting her cheating spouse, Maggie takes a factory job in Charlotte’s memory and against her husband’s wishes.  She took the job to help pay the bills, but she never thought that steamy relationship with a coworker would help her find the courage and self-esteem to stand up to John and begin living her life on her own terms.

             Readers may expect a romance or a smarmy memoir, but this novel is a brutally honest look at the good, bad, and above all true lives of rural women and their families reality TV – this is reality reading.

             Pig Food Salad is written in an urgent, fast-paced style.  The reader feels as if Maggie doesn’t have a lot of time to tell her story between shifts at the factory and caring for six kids and a husband, and wants to listen to every word.  This book, once begun, is impossible to put down.  Through believable and fascinating characterization, the author paints Maggie’s world in quick, careful strokes, making an act as simple as piercing one’s ears or drinking a cup of tea seem like the ultimate rebellion.

             With echoes of movies like North Country, Enough and Thelma and Louise, the book appeals to those who would empower women everywhere to end abuse and stand for themselves.


Author: A.J.  Farthing has also written, 

The Legend of Percy Fink available now

Helen's Daughters  available November 2007

AJ Farthing was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in the foothills of the Catskills in New York state during the 50's and 60's.  She spent her young adult years in a turbulent marriage and raised six children amid the vineyards of the Finger Lakes.  Her stories are drawn from life experiences and personalities she has met over the years.  She now resides in the Piney Woods of deep east Texas with her husband and works as a nurse in a rural community hospital.